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Scripture: Isaiah 9:6-7

Advent Week 2

  1. What can get in the way of seeing what Christmas is really about?

2. Do you allow the things above to distract you from the

meaning of Christmas?

3. Are you at peace – during the holidays or otherwise?

4. Would you be at peace if you had very little money at

Christmas time?

5. Are you at peace the day after Christmas? Why or why


6. Is Jesus Christ the source of your peace? How is Christ

the source of your peace?

7. Herod wanted to “keep Christmas from coming”. Have

you ever dreaded Christmas time, or wished for it to be over? If so, why?

8. Three groups saw the birth of Christ differently. The scribes and chief priests were indifferent, Herod

was troubled, and the Gentile wise men were ready to worship. What response best describes your response?

9. If Christ is our source of peace, that peace will never change. Pray today that your eyes would

always be on your source of peace, during times of victory and during times of trial.

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