Sunday School Opening begins in the Sanctuary at 8:45 am

All Classes begin at 9:00 am

Grade-School Sunday School


               Toddlers:  Sandy M. & Nicole W.

               Preschool: Amy P. & Denise P.

               Early Elementary:  Jessica B.

               Middle Elementary:  Angela D.

               Upper Elementary:  Jonathan D.

Location: Upstairs Nursery & Downstairs Classrooms

Current Study: Eureka!

Teen Sunday School

Teacher: Andy D., Tim M., Kristen H.

Location: Downstairs Teen Room

The Journey (Not is Session at this time)

Teacher: Pastor Rick 

Location: TBD

Current Study: The Journey

Adult Celebrations Class

Teacher: Darlene & Gerald G.

Location: Celebrations Classroom

Current Study: Jonah (Book Study)

Into the Word: Bible Study (Adult)

Teacher:  Gloria M.

Location: Upstairs Sunday School Room

Current Study: TBA

Team Talk

Next G.E.N.-God's Eternity Now 

Teacher: Linda Day & Sandy Greenleaf

Location: Library

Current Study: Christian Living