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Now What? It's GO time!

I. _________ Him:

-Jesus gave the great commission before the coming of the Spirit.

-Not a great suggestion, it was the great ________________.

Commissioning is after prep. and training are done.

-Now “do what I command, follow me,” He says.

II. ______ for the __________: Have you received power?

-To get the power we must die.

-To get the power we must receive it from Him.

-To get power we must seek Him, not power.

III. Make ____________:

-It is his job to build the Church.

-It is our job to make disciples.

How to implement this message this week:

Ask yourself the question in your daily prayer….

Am I following Jesus?

Am I doing what He did?

Am I being faithful to my commission?

Take an hour this week and every week to...

A. Go where pre-Christians gather.

B. Watch what they are doing and pray for them.

C. Ask God, Should I engage them?

Make a list of the top ten people you have seen that need Jesus. Pray for those people to come to Christ, every day.

Ask God this question every day in your prayer time...

-Have I died to myself today?

Evaluate your life monthly by asking yourself the questions…

-Have I prayed for my top ten every day?

-Have I presented the Gospel to anyone this month?

-Have I led anyone to Christ this month.

-Will you make me Hyper-sensitive to your Spirit when I live my life?

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