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To Be Alive, We Must First Die

Romans 6:1-15

1. ___________ to Sin

A. It’s ok to ________ sinning, right?

1. _______, God hates sin.

2. Sin is ___________ against God.

B. Believers __________ in Christ’s death

1. To be baptized is to be __________with Christ

a. The old self is ___________.

b. We ___________ submit to God’s plan.

c. Sin is no longer our _______.

2. To be baptized is to be made ________ with Christ

2. Alive in Christ

A. A _____________ Life

1. As ____________ of righteousness

2. Roman 12: 1&2

3. Who will _________ in our lives? Christ or Satan?

B. A _______________Life

1. ________________The work of God’s Holy Spirit by which He makes people holy.

a. _________ Sanctification- The New Birth

b. _________ Sanctification- 2nd work of Grace

c. _________ Sanctification- Process of Spiritual Growth

2. The Holy Spirit _____________us to live rightly. We cannot accomplish this on our own.

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