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The Good (?) News

“From the Eyes of Mark”

An 11 week journey through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ leading up to the Good Friday, Palm Sunday and Easter Passover Service.


The Good (?) News

Life Only Comes Through Death

Mark 8:31-38

I. The Good? News is Delivered (vv31-33)

A. Jesus tells the disciples he will ________ and be __________.

B. Jesus tells them he will rise from the dead in ________ days.

II. The Good? News Brings Passionate Reactions

A. Peter _________ Jesus. “Don’t say such things.”

B. Jesus _________ Peter right back.

1. Jesus calls Peter________.

2. Jesus tells Peter he is seeing with _________ vision, not ________ vision.

III. The Good News Brings Life From Death

A. If you want to follow me you must _________ from __________ ___________.

1. In other words, If you want to follow, let ___________ lead!

B. Take up your __________ and ____________ me.

1. Don’t _________ from suffering, __________ it.

C. Let __________ of your life. Stop __________ on.

1. Not _____ ___________, but _______ _____________.

D. If you let go you will __________. If you hang on you will ___________.

E. What good is life and possessions here if we lose our ___________?

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