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From The Eyes Of Mark Part 4: Jesus Tells a Story

“From the Eyes of Mark”

An 11 week journey through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ leading up to the Good Friday, Palm Sunday and Easter Passover Service.

Part IV

Jesus Tells a Story of a Sower, His Seeds and the Soil Mark 3:13-4:20

I. Seed on the Path

a. ______ that is ________ ________

b. Easily _________ away

II. Seed on Rocky Soil

a. ______ that is __________ and _________

b. __________ quickly but no ________

III. Seed Among the Thorns

a. ______ that is __________

b. ________ out by _____________

IV. Seed on Good Soil

a. __________ ground


____________ crop

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