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From the Eyes of Mark Part 3: Jesus Upsets the AppleCart

“From the Eyes of Mark”

An 11 week journey through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ leading up to the Good Friday, Palm Sunday and Easter Passover Service.

Part III

Jesus Upsets the Apple Cart

(Mark 2:18-3:12)

I. By Forgiving Sins (Mark 2:1-12)

A. Only ______ can forgive sins.

B. The ________ of God has the authority to forgive sins.

C. Why did He display healing by the forgiveness of sins?

II. By Hanging Out With the “Wrong People” (Mark 2:13-17)

A. He asks ___________ _______________ to “Follow Him.”

B. Then he eats with him & other ____________.

C. Why hang out with sinners? He came to ___________

sinners not the _________________

III. By Breaking Rules (Mark 2:18- 3:6)

A. His ____________ did not fast like others were.

B. He _____________ on the Sabbath

1. He picked __________ on the Sabbath.

2. He ___________ on the Sabbath.

3. He gave __________ orders not to tell.

C. Why was Jesus such a rule breaker?

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