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From the Eyes of Mark: Part 2 Ministry Begins

“From the Eyes of Mark”

An 11 week journey through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ leading up to the Good Friday, Palm Sunday and Easter Passover Service.

Part II

Ministry Begins Mark 1:16-45

1. Calling of the first Disciples (Mark 1:16-20)

A. _________ and __________

B. _________ and __________

1. Making them into ___________ of men.

2. They left their nets ________________.

2. Authority Displayed (Mark 1:21-28)

A. He ____________ with authority.

B. He ___________ with authority.

C. He drove out ___________ with authority.

3. Miracles Performed (Mark 1:28-45)

A. The __________ of Peter’s Mother

B. Healing the ___________ and driving out __________.

C. He __________.

D. He told those that he healed to be _____________.

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