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His Goodness Never Fails

Scripture: Psalm 145:8-9

I. The Lord is Gracious and Compassionate to All A. God’s Grace is _____________________ B. God’s Compassion sees through the ____________ C. God’s Grace and Compassion is poured out for _________. Most especially the ___________________. II. The Lord is Slow to Anger Towards All A. God’s _______________ is longsuffering. (patience) B. He does not _____________ easily. C. God doesn’t ____________ _______ on anybody. III. The Lord is Merciful to All A. God’s Mercy is _____________ than God’s Grace. 1. Mercy is God not _______________ even though we don’t deserve it. 2. Grace is God ________________ even though we don’t deserve it. B. God is not ______________. His Mercy is for __________.

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