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Do Not Fear!

Scripture: Joshua


I. What?

A. God Joshua

1. Be and

2. You will the land I promised

B. God Joshua

1. the law

2. Stay on the path

3. on the Word and

what it says

C. God Joshua

1. Be &

2. Do not be or

3. The Lord will be with you you go

II. So What?

A. God is every one of us to something

1. We are to be &

2. Do not

3. God has a plan in place. Now we must make

the next

B. God us

1. We are to the Word of God

2. We are to stay on the path

3. We are to on the Word of God and

what it says

C. God us

1. We are to be &

2. We should not be &

3. The Lord has made a promise - He will be with

us we go and we do.

III. Now What?

A. How do you fear?

B. How are you going to use what God has shown you


C. Now, what are you going to do about it?

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