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Questions For Further Study

All That We Need -- Part Two
Psalm 19:8-9

Questions for Reflection:


  • Is scripture confusing to you? What version of the bible do you find easiest to understand? Hardest to understand?

  • Is the truth within God’s Word always obvious to you when you read it? If not, what can help someone to understand?

  • What does it mean to be “judged according to the light we’ve been given”? (Rom 2:9-10)

  • What does it mean to “Fear the Lord”? Does this make God unapproachable?

  • Do you see the bible as relevant to your life now? What scriptures let us know that it is relevant to anyone at any time?

Questions For Further Study

All That We Need -- Part One
Psalm 19:7-8

Questions for Reflection:


  • Does God’s Word bring healing in your own life? What are you struggling with today that God wants to help you with?

  • Read Romans 12:2. Would you say you are “conforming” or “transforming”? How can God’s Word bring transformation? What areas of life do you find it difficult not to conform to the patterns of the world?

  • Would you consider yourself to be open-minded or close-minded? What are the dangers and benefits of either one?

  • Would you say others see you as joyful? Or negative and critical? How does God’s Word bring joy to our lives?

  • When should a Christian be content? When should a Christian not be content? Are you typically content in your life? If not, how can God’s Word help you?

Questions For Further Study

Success in the Mess

Questions for Reflection:


  • What keeps us focused on the mess rather than on Christ?

  • What was your life like before Christ, when you were at the center of your universe?

  • Do you find yourself a prisoner to anything or anyone besides Christ at times in your life?

  • Do you still ask yourself sometimes, "Why am I here?"  Do you know the purpose you were created?  Read Isaiah 43:7.  What does this verse mean?

  • Would people say you are generally optimistic, or pessimistic?  If pessimistic, what needs to change in order to be positive, or optimistic?

  • How can you make the most of the messes of life you encounter?

  • Why might God want you to experience trials and challenges?

Questions For Further Study

Better Than Gold
Acts 3:1-11

Questions for Reflection:


  • Do you have the gift of the gospel to share with others?

  • Do you know how to share this gift?

  • What value does the gospel hold for you personally?

  • Do you feel that sharing the gospel is for everyone to do?

  • Or only the “out-going” or extroverted personalities?

  • What does the bible say?

  • What fears keep Christians from sharing?

  • When was the last time you shared the gospel with someone?

  • How did you feel after sharing?

  • Will you pray about sharing the gospel with someone this week?

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